Biogas Project

Energy is a basic need for life. We need to cook our food, we need to get some light at night. Burning wood is no more a valid solution. As always there are alternatives...

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Lamp burning on biogas in the CSV lab

"Biogas" is the methane gas produced by natural fermentation of organic waste of animal or vegetal origin. This is a completely natural phenomenon that has been known since the invention of agriculture. We can use it and build small "biogas" plants to get enough gas to light a lamp and cook the food for a day.

Many kinds of biogas plants have been designed. The CSV has simplified one of japanese origin, to limit the cost of construction, and has implemented biogas plants in a number of villages. This helps limited uncontrolled logging that destroys the forests and is a real threat for India.

There is progress to make, though. These plants are difficult to build (even though they don't use foreign material) and require qualified maintenance. Research is still going on and new ideas come up every year. Stay tuned...

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