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This department is led by Sameer Kurvey. In addition to being a brilliant civil engineer, Sameer has been a wonderful friend for all of us. His vast knowledge and tireless enthusiasm have been a constant example for us.
I won't say more, he would accuse me of excessive flattering. We love you Sameer !

More about mud houses

  • Building techniques
  • Mud facts

  • About comfort

  • How can I afford one ?
Fun Fact Believe it or not, people initially thought that these large opening in the walls were just holes and that we did not have enough bricks. So they tried to close them with everything they could.
Until we actually convinced them that windows and air circulation were good for their health... and also provided them with blinds.


This is the main department of the CSV. Traditional housing does not resist well to heavy rainy seasons followed by months of dry and scorching hot. Very often, families whose houses have been destroyed by the monsoon try their luck in big cities and end up in slums.

Sameer has gathered inspiration from many techniques in use in different parts of the world and different moments in history.
Two houses in a village

The houses built by the CSV are made essentially of dried mud and pottery. This is not very new. But the unique design of their bricks and tiles allows them to resist to heavy rainy season as well as the torrid hot season. They also require 75% less firewood than a traditional house of bricks. No metal. All of that with almost no maintenance.

This design also gives a very good temperature regulation : cool in summer, warm in winter. Included with the house : door and blinds for the windows.

Hygiene is not forgotten. There are many details inside that help. Every house also comes with its own bathroom and toilet. And a fruit tree. If it provides some food there are less chances that people cut it for firewood...

And then for the money problem... Everything has a cost, so how do these people get their house ? These houses cost the same price as a traditional house. Most people obviously can't afford a house. The CSV came up with interesting financing ideas. We don't want to just give a house to people, it caused lots of trouble in the past.

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