OK this is a bit of a tacky subject : bathrooms, toilets, and what to do with various "by-products" of life... But hygiene is nonetheless a problem and our favorite Sameer has boldly tackled it. It's funnier than you may think.

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Hygien in villages is generally very bad. Part of the problem is the lack of basic education, the other part is the lack of sanitary equipment. This equipment is expensive and things we take for granted like running water are non-existent there. As a matter of fact, water itself is scarce there. This favors the spreading of numerous infectious diseases and many other health problems. Check out our facts and figures about that.

The CSV has produced a design of toilets. They follow the "appropriate technology" motto, because they are cheap, easy to build, have zero maintenance and turn undesirable matters into useful products, that can be re-used for agriculture and biogas production. Using them is not as simple as it seems, though...

Sanitation is a government program, and the CSV and us are involved in programs for the construction of thousands of these toilets all over Maharastra.

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