This page is dedicated to the memory of Mr Boyer, whithout whom nothing would ever have been possible.
On the picture, you can see the name plate of the village : "Mr Boyer Nagar" means "Mr Boyer town"


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Mr Boyer is the first person who trusted us. At that time we were just a bunch of youngsters back from India and we were looking for some way to help the researchers of the CSV.

We went around and talked about the great things that were happening out there in India and how it was important to give some funds to help. Mr Boyer knew some of us and decided to trust. His only condition was that he wanted to give the money to a non-profit organization, not a personal account.

It didn't take a long thinking to us, and very soon... tada ! Wardha Development Association was born. And Mr Boyer kept hos promise and gave us our first donation. $800 may seem very few but to us, fresh ex-students, it was like a million.

Then when Sameer, Suchu and Bushan came to France for Herve and Marie's wedding, Mr Boyer took them around, visited with them the South of France, was a wonderful host. And over the years he always helped us.

In 1994, while Sameer was building the village of Wagdhara, Mr Boyer passed away. Sameer then decided to name the village after him.

So he did, and now this is the sign at the entrance of the Wagdhara village.

If when I die somebody gives my name to a small piece of land somewhere in the world, just because I did something good, I'll die happy.