This is our logo, representing the map of India. The black dot in the center shows the location of the town of Wardha

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The Wardha Development Association has two sides. The first one is this serious foundation that does important work to help people's life and dignity. This is the one we show to officials when we do fundraising.

This is the mission statement of WDA when it was officially created (that is, it got the right to have its own checkbook...)

WDA will help research centers around the world whose mission is to promote local resources. Its actions will be:
  • help research center to develop and implement techniques to improve life conditions of rural populations.
  • promote these techniques across other research centers
  • gather and coordinate funds for these centers
  • finance low cost housing programs

And all in all we're pretty serious about it.

Now, the other side is that we're a group of friends who love traveling, meeting other cultures, and have fun together building something useful. Here are a few pictures of us doing just all that.

Our financial structure is simple. We know the people we are working with, we control the work, and this ensures that 100% of our money is used properly.