Devendra Kumar is a disciple of Gandhi and follows the philosophy developed by the Mahatma. After years spent as a manager in an Indian corporation, Devendra left his job and moved to a village to study the life of villagers. He then created the "Center of Science for Villages" in the city of Wardha, near Nagpur, Maharastra, in the center of India.

The CSV Programs


The Center of Science for Villages is a governement organization, although it is mostly responsible for its own funding through various research programs. Its primary goal is to improve life conditions in the Indian rural areas.

The techniques developed by the CSV range from mud housing technology to various methods of energy production or food growing. Hygiene is also a preoccupation, as well as favoring the development of local alternate industries.

These techniques are simple to use, costless and environment-safe, based on local materials. Training to villagers is provided in parallel, so they can pass their experience to others. This favors the creation of a local know-how that can be used to create jobs, trades, etc...

This is in agreement with the Ghandhian philosophy whose target is that villages should be auto-sufficient : the use of these "appropriate technologies" brings independence to villagers and helps them to live with dignity.


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